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The Inspire Film Festival was an unexpected and subsequently treasured gift to my family. My children are still talking about the amazing films, individuals and experiences they shared with the IFF team. Our lives have been forever changed and we feel absolutely blessed to take part in the festival next year.

-Ruth Holloway

I walked away from the Inspire Film Fest enlightened, encouraged and more
hopeful for our world. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about diverse, courageous persons, to meet others who appreciated their stories, and to view some amazing art.

-Karen Holloman, Houston

A typical weekend would have my three teenage sons ‘doing homework,’ playing online games, and if we’re lucky, dinner with the whole family - one night. The Inspire Film Festival brought us all together for four days and created opportunities to talk about stories and world issues that wouldn’t ordinarily be discussed. The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have breakfast with Favio Chavez and the Orchestra of Cateura (LANDFILL HARMONIC) had an immediate profound impact on their understanding of how one person can indeed change the world. Grateful.

- Alex Bunch

The Inspire Film Festival is just what we need in these challenging times. People need to know that they can do more to make a better world and documentaries are such a motivator for audiences to do exactly that. I was amazed at how much IFF took hold in only its first year, not just with eager audiences but with filmmakers who were thrilled to see such a powerful reception for their work in The Woodlands.

- David Holbrooke, veteran film festival director and filmmaker

I was inspired from the time I met the first person who greeted me at the hotel, to the last person who drove me to the airport. I made friends and learned a few things, all while tasting a little slice of heaven in The Woodlands.

- Ajani Murray, star of BECOMING BULLETPROOF

Every film I saw last year was moving, enlightening and inspiring. Give yourself and your loved ones a gift and see as many Inspire films as possible this year.

- Rob Renfroe, The Woodlands United Methodist Church

“Having never been to a film festival, I had no idea what to expect from the inaugural Inspire Film Festival. It certainly lived up to its name, as “inspire” it certainly did. As a lifelong moviegoer I have seen many films in my almost eighty years. All of the films offered were not only of superior quality, but they were also informative, thought-provoking, and relevant to so many serious issues. Many thanks to the Inspire team for the planning and execution that enabled us to have such an outstanding festival in our community. I look forward to the next festival with much anticipation.

- Lyra Pointer

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