What is inspire Film Fest?


The Inspire Film Festival is a four-day cinematic event dedicated to entertaining and inspiring audiences with films and stories that celebrate the human spirit. It is the first festival of it's kind to feature exclusively films, filmmakers, special guests and performances that celebrate the human spirit.  The films are selected based on their ability to enlighten as well as entertain audiences, and all are beautifully shot in fascinating locations around the world.  Each screening will be followed by a lively panel discussion with the filmmaker and/or subject of the film, and pass holders will be able to attend a number of informal meet and greet events around The Woodlands.



The Inspire Film Festival will include:

  • Thoughtfully crafted, life-affirming stories that affect positive change in attitudes and perceptions of the world around us.
  • A showcase for American and International films, including features, documentaries and shorts that would not otherwise be screened in our community
  • Tributes to notable filmmakers as well as individuals who have made a difference in the lives of others
  • Panel discussions with filmmakers, actors and subjects of the films
  • Opportunities to interact with members of the film industry at several casual and formal gatherings
  • A variety of cultural events, performances and family-friendly events
  • Partnerships with local business, hotels, restaurants and shops
  • Positive publicity and media attention for The Woodlands
  • Collaboration with local non-profit organizations to help raise awareness for their causes
  • Forums sharing the benefits of The Woodlands as a production location
  • Workshops and discussions relating to making or investing in film