Read these fun tips that will help you feel like a film festival pro – whether this is your first or your hundredth film festival!

  1. Wear your pass Proudly.  It is colorful.  It is comfortable.  It makes you look cool.

  2. Keep your program in your back pocket.  We made it especially to fit in both designer skinny jeans and Wranglers.

  3. Check the website frequently for possible changes in the schedule. 

  4. Get in the line for your chosen film at least 20-30 minutes EARLY. 
  5. Put your phone away and TALK to the people in line around you!  They are your neighbors — the ones you sometimes wave to on your way in and out of the neighborhood.  Ask them what they have seen.  Tell them what you liked. Create a buzz.
  6. Buy popcorn.  Movies are better with popcorn. 
  7. If it appears the auditorium will fill up, don’t skip seats.  Get cozy with your new friend you met in line.
  8. Enjoy the film.  Enjoy the feelings.  Real men DO cry (at least a little).
  9. When the film is over, show some love!  Chances are, the filmmaker or star of the story is in the audience.  Clap, Cheer, Whoop like a Texan!
  10. If the emcee told you there will be a special guest—Don’t Leave!  You’re in for something special.  We have some real heroes coming this weekend.  Eat it up.